Fall 2020 Small Group Opportunity:
“Fruitfulness on the Frontlines”

This is an 8-week small group experience developed by Pastor Mark Greene, Executive Director of the London Institute of Contemporary Christianity. The Sunday morning worship service will directly tie in with the small group series.

As many of you know we, as a church, want to be more intentional about following Christ in all of life (whole-life discipleship). This series emphasizes “who” we are “out there” in the world between Sundays. Mark Greene provides a framework (the 6 M’s) that will help us understand how God is already at work in us “out there,” as well as opening our imagination to how God might want to work through us in our context.

By Small Group we simply mean a group of 6-12 people meeting together online for about 1 ½ hours a week with the intention of growing closer to God and each other. No previous knowledge of the Bible is required; nobody will be put on the spot. You may join the Zoom meeting and simply listen, but know too, that the opportunity will be there to share your life as well (your hopes, dreams, doubts, questions) as you feel comfortable doing so.


Monday Evenings at 7pm With Bob & June Ewell - Register Here  8 Sessions

Wednesday Evenings at 7pm with Richard & Rosemary DiAsio - Register Here  8 Sessions

Thursday Evening at 6:30pm with Dave Jordan-Irwin - Register Here  8 Sessions

Tuesday Mornings at 10AM with Eric Bergland - Register Here  8 Sessions

Tuesday Afternoons at 5PM with Analesse Hazeloop & Eric Bergland - Register Here  8 Sessions

Wednesday Afternoons at 3:00pm with Lisa Brock - Register Here  8 Sessions